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The Wine Shop ("TWS"), an esteemed retail venture under The Wine Company Limited ("TWC") in Hong Kong, has evolved into a cherished haven for wine aficionados. Since 2010, TWS has stood as a distinguished provider of exceptional wines that mirror our steadfast dedication to quality and profound reverence for winemaking.

Stepping into TWS immerses you in a realm of vinous treasures, particularly spotlighting an impressive assortment of Burgundy wines, showcasing world-class domaines. We take pride in presenting these esteemed wines at competitive prices, ensuring accessibility for both seasoned connoisseurs and budding enthusiasts.

What truly distinguishes us is our exclusive selection. As designated importers for over 25 handpicked wineries, we offer a captivating inventory sourced directly from niche domaines in Burgundy. Many of these domaines have entrusted TWC with the exclusive distribution rights for their wines in Hong Kong and China, making TWS the premier destination for those seeking the rarest and most sought-after bottles.

Operating under TWC's umbrella underscores our dedication to excellence and shared values, cementing our status as a trusted name in the wine industry. Your journey through the world of fine wines awaits at The Wine Shop, whether you're a seasoned collector, a Burgundy enthusiast, or simply seeking that perfect bottle for a special occasion. Here's to exceptional taste, unparalleled expertise, and the joy of discovery at The Wine Shop. Cheers!


One of the romances about drinking Burgundy wines is searching your love in tremendous wineries. We believe that besides the well-known domaines, there are small but well made, quality wineries that can surprise us. So, we visited Burgundy in the Spring 2023, aiming to search and bring back the unexplored treasure. The journey was no way easy. We had to overcome the language barrier, the cold and damp, and finally managed to visit a number of them. Not only that, we had to show great sincerity in order to arrange a visit or even a business. After all, it is an achievement and pure joy to be able to introduce our selected domaines to wine lovers in Hong Kong. For every bottle you drink, it has integrated with our passion and hard work.


We care the bottle condition just like you do. We make sure they are properly treated with high standard in every process. Over 95% of our wines came from France directly and over 50% are sourced directly from the wineries (Ex-chateau / Ex-domaine). All our wines are shipped to Hong Kong by REEFER then stored properly in our warehouse with 24 hours temperature and humidity control. These add to our costs but we believe that they are necessary and worth.

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